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Grange, Brisbane Queensland
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28 May, 2023
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Winter Maintenance Tips for Electric Hot Water Systems. Trust DLG Electrical, your Northside electrical expert.

       Introduction: As winter approaches, hot water systems face increased strain, often requiring maintenance. DLG Electrical specialises in maintaining and repairing electric hot water systems. In this blog post, we’ll explain why these systems need extra care during winter and highlight DLG Electrical’s expertise.

  1. Increased Winter Demand: During winter, the demand for hot water rises due to showers, baths, and dishwashing. This strains electric hot water systems, leading to potential breakdowns or performance issues.

  2. Harder Work in Winter: Electric hot water systems work overtime to heat colder water, causing wear and tear on components.

  3. Common Winter Issues: a. Sediment Buildup: Sediments and minerals accumulate in the tank, reducing system efficiency and hot water supply. b. Thermostat Malfunctions: Fluctuating temperatures strain thermostats, affecting temperature control. c. Pressure Valve Problems: Cold weather increases pressure, potentially causing valve malfunctions and leaks.

  4. Importance of Maintenance: Regular maintenance is vital for optimal performance, especially in winter. Scheduled inspections and checks identify and address minor issues before they escalate. This extends the system’s lifespan and ensures uninterrupted hot water supply.

  5. DLG Electrical: Your Trusted Northside Electrician: DLG Electrical, your reliable Northside electrician, excels in maintaining and repairing electric hot water systems. Their services include: a. Thorough system inspections to identify issues. b. Cleaning and descaling to remove sediments. c. Testing and calibrating thermostats for precise control. d. Pressure valve checks to prevent leaks. e. Prompt and efficient repairs.

Conclusion: Winter poses challenges for electric hot water systems, but proper maintenance and repairs ensure consistent hot water supply. DLG Electrical, your trusted Northside electrician, brings the expertise needed. Don’t be caught off guard—schedule your maintenance with DLG Electrical today and enjoy a reliable hot water system all winter long.

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